How to Play


  • Blind Samurai must be played with headphones or earbuds.
  • Enemies approach stage left or right. They make noise relative to that direction.
  • Players attack by swiping toward hostile noise.
  • Swiping incorrectly, or while no enemy is present, causes a MISS. Players cannot attack and will be killed by an enemy.
  • Enemies that close the distance before the player reacts will kill the player.
  • There are 3 enemy types: The heavy enemy, the light enemy, and throwing stars.
  • The heavy and light enemy may sneak or run toward the player. Listen carefully!
  • There are 4 environments: Calm, rain, snow, and wind. Each affects game play difficulty.
  • A Boss enemy appears every 5 levels. It sends a dangerous energy orb toward the player. Players must swipe toward the orb when it becomes audible. The Boss and player will exchange 5 volleys. After the 5th volley, the Boss is stunned by its own attack. This repeats 3 times until it is vulnerable to player attack.
  • The player returns to Level 1 after defeating the boss. Game play is sped up each cycle.
  • When the player dies, he or she is attributed a rank based on performance. Players rank up every 3 new levels.
  • When the player dies, he or she may retry the level once every cycle. If he or she dies a second time during the same cycle, it is Game Over and they must start from the beginning. Lives replenish each full cycle.


Players unlock achievements for completing tasks such as killing a number of enemies. Sighted players can review achievements by pressing and holding the trophy icon at the Title screen. A loading wheel fills up around the circumference of the icon. When the wheel is complete, a screen showing locked and unlocked achievements is revealed. The load wheel is a measure against non-sighted players going to an incorrect screen.