Version 1.0.2 – Local Achievements Replace Google Play Achievements

Putting yourself in shoes of non-sighted players can be challenging. Case in point is Google Play Services achievements. They are not closed captioned by default and disrupt game play. Blind Samurai auto logged players in to Google Play Services prior to version 1.0.2. Failure to establish a connection promptedĀ an error screen. It looked unprofessional and confused non-sighted players.

Google Play Services Error Screen

Our sultry voice actor, Eric Hollaway, interjects every time players unlock achievements. Now players need not be online to progress. Sighted players may review achievements by pressing and holding the trophy icon at the Title screen.

Achievement Room

The ranking system has been altered. Sighted players will enjoy seeing their highest rank achieved on the Title screen. Additionally, enemy kills contribute to your score. Your current and high score are visible during game play. The wait period between enemy deaths and spawning has been shortened. Game play is noticeably faster!

Finally, the Blind Samurai has multiple lives! Did you die on Level 3? Don’t fret! You are given 1 more chance to continue from the level you died on. Die again, however, and it’s Game Over. Player lives are replenished each cycle.

Version 1.0.2 is the most enjoyable installment yet. Do you have suggestions on how to make Blind Samurai more accessible? Please send me an e-mail at

And if you haven’t played the first 100% Blind Accessible Mobile Action game, what are you waiting for? Download from the Google Play Store. 50% of game profit goes to The AbleGamers Charity.

Blind Samurai Google Play Link

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