The AbleGamers Charity and Blind Samurai Team Up!

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Henceforth, 50% of Blind Samurai’s profits open doors for gamers with disabilities. I brag that Blind Samurai is playable without eyes. AbleGamers helped a lad play without arms!

Here’s an excerpt from Giddeon’s story:

When he first sat down with the AbleGamers crew, Giddeon didn’t want to play any games… Giddeon has a rare disease that caused stunted growth of his arms and only a few fingers formed, which made holding controllers a challenging experience.

After some encouragement from our staff members, Giddeon sat down with our Adroit controller and Forza 3. Within seconds he was racing past the competition and smiling brightly at his new found driving skills. By the end of that day, he was coming in first place in every race. Giddeon had gone from unable to play to a racing circuit champion thanks to some wonderful technology.

Give these people a medal! AbleGamers provides players with equipment to overcome their disability and fully enjoy video games. Unfortunately, this equipment can cost $1000s. You and I will ease that burden by donating half of Blind Samurai’s game profit.

Each month I will post a screenshot of earnings for The AbleGamers Charity.

Do you know anybody that could use their services? Get involved here.

Or, download Blind Samurai on Google Play for only 0.99.
You’ll be a hero and get the first mobile action game 100% accessible to blind and visual impaired audiences.

Blind Samurai Google Play Link

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